Sun Plant Pure GmbH is an international provider of herbs, spices, flower petals, roses, dried fruit and potpourris. The country of origin for our products is Persia. In several climate zones, numerous kinds of herbs are produced and offered there in a centuries-old agricultural tradition.    


Dr. Nastaran Schahbazian, Managing director
She holds a doctorate in agricultural engineering and completed her studies at the University of Agricultural Sciences in Vienna. Together with the University of Agricultural Sciences and the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for organic agriculture in Vienna, she performed international agricultural research projects in the organic farming sector. As a university professor at the University of Tehran, she taught and researched the topics planting and use of medicinal herbs and cash crops.

David Damestani
Technical Development and Business Development


Our Customers

Our customers are wholesalers, distributors and producers in all countries and in a variety of sectors, such as vegetable raw materials, foodstuffs, medicinal and aromatic herbs, tea, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. All are supplied by us very well.